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You don’t need to look very far to see the pace of business is slowing, costs are rising, and news reports are starting to report the level of inflation and bank interest rates much more regularly.

For those of us who were around in business in the early 1990’s will remember these types of news reports. Whilst the world is quite different these days, some of the hallmarks such as empty shop units are familiar and show the local impact.

In our world of insuring professional medical services some signs of common practice are re-emerging. We have seen an increase in speculative complaints in aesthetics, dentistry, and cosmetic surgery. Treatments that do not have personal health issues at their heart.

We say speculative because they are grumblings of dissatisfaction in the hope of receiving a partial or full refund. The businesses providing the treatments are saying that there was nothing unusual about the procedures, in some cases the patients were back for further treatment, yet a complaint arises.

You won’t need us to tell you that each patient needs to be valued, although you don’t want to be giving substantial refunds from speculative complaints. Have you had a situation where a verbal or written complaint is made just to see what happens, and what you might offer by way of a refund? How do you protect yourself?

Well, the best way is to nail down all the issues when you discuss and consent to the patient for treatment. We have a large number of tested consent form wordings which are suitable for all occasions! We are always happy to discuss consent wordings and have just finished a review of wordings for a large dental group, working with their Clinical Director. In a profession where it is easy to error in haste and repent at leisure, consent should be on your list of self-protection issues.




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