Guidance on GDC complaints




Dealing with GDC complaints can be worrying so, here, we detail our guidance on GDC complaints to support you through the process.

Receiving GDC complaints can be worrying and often confusing; leaving many dentists feeling deflated or lacking confidence, making receiving the right guidance on GDC complaints and how best to deal with them of increasing importance. 

(From GDC website)

The six core principles are:

  • All of your feedback is important to us.
  • We want to make it easy for you to raise a concern or complain if you need to.
  • We follow a complaints procedure and keep you informed.
  • We will try to answer all your questions and any concerns you raise.
  • We want you to have a positive experience of making a complaint.
  • Your feedback helps us to improve our service.

Guidance on GDC complaints and our experience with clients

As a practicing dentist, you could be forgiven for developing a persecution complex. In coming up with their guidance of complaints, The GDC consulted with 28 dental sector organisations who have an interest in the oversight of dentists and patient safety. 

The importance of documentation

The guidance really centres on the administration of what the GDC think is a satisfactory complaints system. The focus of MRSL Enterprise is to anticipate areas of attack by claimant’s lawyers and to work with clients to avoid unforced errors that will lead to complaints on one hand and do everything we can to narrow the issues and quickly determine the merits of any complaints on the other.

Over 30 years’ experience of handling complaints and claims from the medical professions tells us that complaints and claims give rise to disproportionate anxiety to dentists.

Our philosophy is to realistically appraise merits of a case and if the case does not have merits reject it quickly and if it has merits to assess the extent of the case quickly and to enter settlement negotiations promptly.

At MRSL Enterprise we have dentists on our staff and relationships with supporting insurers such that we can quickly act in the client’s interest in the event of a client receiving a complaint or claim.


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