Insurance cover for cosmetic practitioners in lockdown

Many of our clients are asking if they can continue cosmetic practice under the recently announced COVID

Our conclusion having reviewed the insurance policy and the government and regulatory statements, and
rules is a qualified yes – cosmetic treatments can continue.

We reach this conclusion and can give this advice where the treatment is medical which is allowed under the
COVID restrictions and that a proper assessment of the risks and benefits of having the treatment has
reached the conclusion that continuing is in the best interests of the client.

At this stage we cannot support taking on new cases and solicitation for customers. Our analysis only
supports continuing treatment for existing customers.

Currently we would only envisage treatment in a CQC approved premises as qualifying as medical. We
therefore restrict our advice to work at CQC approved premises. This qualification is under review as we do
understand that medical treatments can be performed at non CQC registered premises.

Some, but by no means all, cosmetic treatments address physical medical needs. These are clearly a medical
issue. Many cosmetic treatments are related to mental health needs. This mental health aspect is an
important consideration in deciding whether or not to treat the client. It is important that the person making
the assessment on mental health is appropriately trained and qualified. To this end we can only support
qualified doctors; dentists and nurses.

Our conclusion is that treatments that continue within this framework are covered on the insurance
arranged by MRSL Enterprise. This would extend to all treatment, not just urgent cases. Moreover,
continued treatment would include another batch of treatments where a customer as a clear, regular
pattern of attending.

Please contact us to make an enquiry.

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