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Barry Bennell: Men Lose Abuse Case - Vicarious Liability

We read with interest the announcement of the judgement in the case involving a group of...

Aesthetic Insurance Video 7 ~ Complaint vs Claim

Key To Insurance - Complaint vs Claim, The Difference Explained

 This is our seventh video in a...

Aesthetic Insurance Video 6 ~ Key To Insurance & Will Premium Increase

Key To Insurance - Complaints & Claims 

Aesthetic Insurance Video 5b ~ Emerging Risk

What risks are emerging in the field of Aesthetics?

Aesthetic Insurance Video 5a ~ Informed Consent, Questions

Informed consent, defending your position in the event of a compliant or claim.

Aesthetic Insurance Video 4 ~ Change

Can you change insurer? What happens when you retire, do you still need cover?

Aesthetic Insurance Video 3 ~ A Different Approach

Why Is Our Approach Different? HPPB and Cosmetic Courses Discuss...

Aesthetic Insurance Video 2 ~ Questions & Answers

This is the second video in the  series of where insurance requirements are discussed. Complaint...

Aesthetic Insurance Video 1 ~ Introduction

Welcome to our world of specialist insurance advice. Video 1 is an introduction to HPPB and...

NHS Treatment Backlogs

The pandemic has caused a great many changes, some of which will be with us for a long time. One...