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blog Play (1)“Welcome to our world of specialist advice” is a series of videos giving advice on insurance needs, complaint and claims handling and much more.This series of videos comes from time we spent with our partners, Cosmetic Courses. We discuss the virtuous circle of better trained people delivering better patient outcomes at lower indemnity costs; so, what’s not to like!


Here’s a flavour of what we will be covering in the coming weeks; keys to getting the best insurance cover and dealing with concerns about premiums increasing if incidents are reported to insurers. We will discuss informed consent, how to handle a complaint or claim and how to make compensation offers without opening a whole can of worms…  


The first video is on our YouTube channel, and we will be posting new episodes in the series every fortnight. So, if the idea of the virtuous circle is of interest to you, please take a look and keep an eye out for new videos. 

You Tube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjoQtiRKGSCXkh40JlgGrQ  - or click on picture to play




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