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Is Lemon Bottle fat dissolving treatment safe?  - review by one of our doctors Is Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Treatment Safe?


Reviewed by one of our doctors. Lemon Bottle fat dissolving is safe however there are two points to bear in mind that you shouldn’t carry out the procedure:

 If your patient is scheduled for surgery within twos of Lemon Bottle treatment.

  1. If the patient is allergic to Pineapple.

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 Essentially it does seem relatively safe, although we think two particular areas need to be highlighted. The main active and previously not frequently used ingredient in Bromelain, a digestive enzyme derived from pineapple. It does indeed show some promising properties over a variety of situations. 


There is some concern that bromelain could affect clotting, albeit probably not to a great degree. The only paper we found that was pertinent was one on the effects on clotting in those with non-alcoholic fatty liver (common in an adult population) problems. (Po-An Hu Nutrients 2022:14(11) 2329).


In this study the effects were seen in a condition with disordered coagulation & indeed might have been beneficial in this situation. However, we do not know enough about its possible effects in normal people and we could find no studies. We agree with the suggestion that Lemon Bottle should not be used for 2 weeks before surgery. It’s probably an over-reaction but is not difficult to implement.


Secondarily, allergies to fruits do occur and some do have a type 1 reaction (urticaria/ asthma) to some foods and the common one is banana. In some populations and studies pineapple allergies do occur, particularly in the young (Taiwanese) and there is one paper regarding the W Bengal population. There can be cross reaction between various fruits, and occasionally a cross- reaction to latex. These are much less common now we have developed much more robust glove making systems.


It therefore is mandatory that anyone with a pineapple allergy does not use the product and the warning that occasionally allergies can develop should be made. Advise to stop the treatment is a rash occurs. 


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