Ground-breaking Healthcare Professional Protection

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Tailored Insurance For Those In Healthcare


Healthcare Professional Protection is provided by MRSL Enterprise Limited, an insurance broker established with a founder of Medical Risk Services Limited (MRSL), a proven and trusted partner to medical practitioners.

We have been offering support and expertise to the medical profession for more than 15 years, with key figures who have unparalleled experience across the medical, insurance and financial services sectors.

At MRSL, we believe very strongly that healthcare professionals’ overriding priority is to offer first-class care and to improve people’s lives. With only a few notable (and well-documented) exceptions, no medical professional sets out wilfully to harm or injure patients.

But if things should go wrong, we will be there by your side, offering our experience, advice and practical support.

Our senior team includes

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MRSL co-founder
Roger Houston

A former head of operations at the NHS Litigation Authority (now NHS Resolution) and tackled a similar role at the Medical Defence Union. He has decades of experience of defending doctors and settling liability claims.

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MRSL co-founder
Christopher Cloke Browne

A PhD engineer and data analytics expert who has won awards for sophisticated approaches to assessing and pricing complex risks. He joined the business following a highly successful career in insurance and financial services.

Our specialists

MRSL has also broadened its expertise further via close working collaborations developed with leading practitioners in higher-risk specialties.

Dr Robert Baylis

A consultant anaesthetist and practising pain management consultant who is also an expert on reconciling the very specific needs of doctors with the structures and processes within the insurance sector.

Mr Munchi Choksey

A highly respected consultant neurological and spinal surgeon with 40 years’ medical experience. A former NHS consultant and assessor for the Intercollegiate Examination in Neurological Surgery, he now works as a private spinal neurosurgeon at the Nuffield Hospital.


Advice, assistance, insurance

At MRSL, we appreciate that medicine is a vocational profession that people choose from a desire to care for their fellow humans. While all medicine has risks – and some specialties, such as spinal and neurological surgery, have particularly high risks – we understand that an adverse outcome does not automatically indicate negligence.

Our role is to provide you with the broadest possible package of advice, assistance, mentoring and insurance to help you manage potential risks and safeguard your reputation.

For us, defensibility is the key.

However, should a potential negligence claim or disciplinary complaint arise, MRSL’s medical, insurance and financial experts will be at your side at every step of the way.