Cover quote for Dentists

Our individual tailored approach provides the contractual security of an insurance contract regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This provides contractual certainty for dentists. Membership of a Medical Defence Organisation provides access to membership benefits entirely at the discretion of the membership organisation. Examples of memoranda & articles are below:

MDU Memorandum and Articles of Association clause 45 (3), powers of the Board of Management: 

"Any such advice or legal assistance or defence may be granted or terminated by resolution of the Board of Management or any authorised committee or decision of any authorised agent and the giving of advice or legal assistance or defence in every case shall be made only upon such terms and conditions as the Board of Management committee or agent shall think proper and it shall rest only in the absolute discretion of the Board of Management committee or agent in every case to limit or restrict the giving of such advice or legal assistance or defence or altogether to decline to give the same or to terminate any advice or legal assistance or defence so given without assigning any reason."

MDU Memorandum & Articles


MPS Memorandum and Articles of Association clause 40 (1), Discretionary Indemnity:

"An indemnity pursuant to clause 3(E) of the memorandum of association of the Society may be granted by the Society to any qualifying applicant in respect of a qualifying claim and all losses (whether incidental, consequential or otherwise), damages, costs, charges and expenses connected with a qualifying claim. The grant of an indemnity shall be entirely in the discretion of the Council, who shall have the power to impose such terms and conditions on the grant of any indemnity as it thinks fit, and may in its absolute discretion limit or restrict such indemnity or decline altogether to grant the same."

MPS Memorandum & Articles


We are an end to end commercial alternative for dentists. Our menu of policies is as follows:

Type of cover What’s Covered Typical Premium
Disciplinary Cover Cover in respect of legal costs associated with representing you throughout a disciplinary process, for example a General Medical Council or General Dental Council Hearing. £200 - £500
Medico Legal Reporting Without examining the patient £400 - £600
Medico Legal Report with examination This cover includes medico legal reporting without examining the patient and medico legal reporting with examination £500 - £1000

For all clients who undertake medico legal reporting we review reports to avoid the pitfalls highlighted in the case of Jones v Kaney (2011) and are also happy to discuss any concerns a client may have going into a joint experts meeting.

Clinical Negligence cover – the HPPB approach is to understand the work of a practitioner through the clinical work undertaken 

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